Account Page Integrations

Gear up your account page with customer utilities from other apps


Last Update för 2 år sedan

An enhanced customer portal can be a critical element to retain and engage your audience, a place where customers can easily access the services and information they need, have a complete view of their status and interactions with your company, and manage key aspects of the relationship with your shop from one same place.

With Account Page Integrations you can incorporate customer dashboards and tools from other applications to the account page, turning it into an optimized and functional portal that will help your customers to have a more gratifying and productive stay in your shop.

The integrations can consist of gadgets or links provided by other apps and built in the account sections (e.g. links to download digital products or invoices in the Order History panel) or entire customer dashboards that will be loading from new tabs within the account widget (e.g. Subscriptions or Rewards personal management pages). 

Available integrations can be set up easily, with just a toggle in the settings to enable or disable them. We're accepting requests to integrate new applications in our account widget although we're giving priority to those that have a better reputation or popularity.

Check out the list of available integrations here