Bulk Invite Sender

Send account invites in bulk with Froonze


Last Update 5 maanden geleden

When you import customers to Shopify, the platform will create disabled accounts. These disabled accounts need of a customer action to be activated with password, so the customers can access the Classic account dashboard.

You can send the invitations manually, customer by customer, using the Shopify built-in setting, but this may not be a convenient way to do it if you are doing a migration that requires importing many customers at once.

Our app provides now a Bulk Invite feature that you can use right after importing your customers.

To use it just go to our Customers panel and click on Bulk account invite on top. You can customize the subject and message, and select which customers will receive the invitation based on 3 criteria:

  • Customers which did not answer the invitation (Account Status: Invited) it's customers who were sent an invitation before and didn't accept it or decline it
  • Customers which declined the invitation (Account Status: Declined) it's customers who were sent an invitation before and declined it
  • Customers without an account and not invited before (Account Status: Disabled) it's customers with a disabled account and who were not sent an invitation before, for example those customers that you are importing or migrating for the first time