Loyalty Program, Your Ticket to More Purchases


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As a merchant, you know that customer loyalty can be an essential part of your business strategy, after all, loyal customers are more likely to spend more money at your business, and they are also more likely to come back and recommend your shop to their friends and family. Our Loyalty Program plugin helps you increase sales by incentivizing your customers to stay with your brand and purchase more. 

Creating a fully functional program with our Loyalty Program plugin only takes minutes. Once you subscribe to the plugin, you'll head to the settings to create the rules your customers can use to earn and spend points, after that your customers will be able to find their own personalized Rewards panel on the account page, that will include the rules you created as well as a personal Wallet with the coupon discounts they redeemed and an Activity Log listing their actions.

If you're looking for a way to increase sales and customer satisfaction, consider implementing a Loyalty and Rewards program, get a more loyal customer base by offering points that can be redeemed into discount coupons and free shipping coupons. Subscribe today here.