Retain, expand and analyze your customer base


Last Update 2 years ago

Wish lists are a middle ground between purchasing and forgetting, they imply a direct, yet not immediate, intent to purchase something. In cases where customers just need more time to decide, or plan to come back to your shop at a later time, wish lists are an effective way to reduce shopping cart abandonment by simply reducing the number of users that somehow miss their way to checkout.

Increasing your customer retention rates by just 5% can increase your profits up to 90%. Wishlist will help you retaining those customers while giving them the opportunity to follow up their favorite products and purchase them later in just one click. The wishlist dashboard will be a dedicated panel in our account widget, along with other relevant customer information.

Wishlist improves user experience generating a much more friendly, fast, and motivating UX for the user, it creates "Add to wishlist" buttons next to the products, and a personal list that can be accessed quickly across different devices. Navigation is especially more comfortable on mobile devices, where shoppers find this feature particularly engaging because it saves a lot of browsing time.

Wishlist generates organic growth, encouraging users to sign up for an account they wouldn't have otherwise. They also provide a lot of valuable data to analyze the preferences and expectations of your customers, identify trends and patterns, measure product interest and collect useful information to optimize your sales strategies: which products have a low purchase rate but are on customers' lists?, which products tend to be grouped?, what items people save for later and what items they actually buy?, which customers could be retargeted?, which popular products could be running out of stock? 

Our Wishlist plugin features real time analytics and great customization options in the Basic Plan, along with other cool features like product page buttons, Smartlink floating tabs, custom installations, cross device synchronization and multi-language support. There are many other features coming soon as well in the Advanced and Premium plans: unlimited products, collection and grid buttons, sharing options, social counts, email reminders and integrations with Klaviyo and other major email platforms.