Wizard Labs: Invoice Wizard


Last Update 2 jaar geleden

To integrate with Wizard Labs: Invoice Wizard and show its download buttons in our Order History panel you'll need to set up the download links provided by this app in its template settings.

To find the first of these links open the Wizard Labs Settings Dashboard, then click on Templates > Invoice on the left navigation sidebar.

Now scroll down a bit, click on Automated PDF Files to expand this tab and click on the Click to Copy button next to the code to copy it.

You can now go back to our Settings to enable the toggle and paste the first code in the Invoice download link box. Then click on Save

The second code, Return form download link, is obtained in a similar way. Back in the Wizard Labs Settings Dashboard click on Templates > Return Form on the left navigation sidebar, then on Automated PDF Files to expand the tab and copy the code. After that, paste the code in the second box in our Settings and click on Save one last time.

The download links will now be showing up as part of the order information in the Order History panel. The labels of these buttons can be edited or translated easily in our Translations Settings.