FAQ and Troubleshooting - Account Page


Last Update 5 maanden geleden


  • The account widget is not correctly embedded inside the account page or occupies only a part of it

Our account widget targets by default the tag <main> to replace the content of the account page, so when the tag is absent or in a wrong position it often causes errors in the positioning of the widget too.

To solve this issue is necessary to edit code of the account page (normally in the template account.liquid) and move the <main> tag or replace one of the existing tags by <main> so that its content occupies the part of the page that needs to be replaced, normally all content between header and footer. Once the tag is correctly installed the widget will load normally.

  • The account widget wasn't installed at all

If you can't see at all our account widget or any other of our widgets it could happen that our scripts did not finish installing because the head container in theme.liquid is not properly closed.

To make sure this is the problem edit your theme code from Shopify Admin > Online Stores, then find and open the layout theme.liquid. Once open, make sure that both the <head> (opening) and the </head> (closing) tags exist inside its content. If there is not a closing tag </head>, add it just before the beginning of the body opening tag: <body>. Then save the results and check that our widget as well as other store pages are working properly. If you have any problem applying this fix just contact our support at [email protected]