Google One-Tap

Making sign in and sign up quick, easy and secure


Last Update há 2 anos

One Tap is a new authorization mechanism by Google that allows users to login or register with just one click, no interruptions, so they can get a quick and secure access to your site protected by their Google Account.

The main difference between the old mechanism and One Tap is that the identification process is simplified so as not to require a second screen when confirming the access, reducing as well the amount of information via code that is needed to approve it.

With One Tap users are prompted to create or log into an account with a dialog that's inline with the site's content, so they're never taken out of context by a sign-up or sign-in screen. This dialog is visible at the top right corner of the screen.

New users can sign up by just clicking on the "Continue as" button without being interrupted by a sign-up screen. Of course, since there's such little sign-up friction, users are much more likely to register. Returning users are signed in with one tap too, even when they switch devices or platforms.

Google One Tap works with most browser and platform combinations, with slightly different characteristics in Safari and Chrome iOS to support their Intelligent Tracking Prevention.