Facebook API key pair


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Step 1: Log into Facebook, open Facebook for Developers at https://developers.facebook.com and click on "Get Started"

Step 2: To register a new developer account, click on "Continue" first.

If necessary, verify your account and email next.

Lastly, on "About you", select the role that better suits your position and click on "Complete Registration"

Step 3: Click on "Create App"

At "Select an app type", select None, then click on "Next"

Next, at "Details", fill in the "Display name" of the app and the "Contact email". Then click on "Create app" again and re-enter your password to confirm the changes

Step 4: The next page will get you to the "Add a product" panel (you can also get there by clicking "Dashboard" on the left navigation bar). Choose "Facebook login" by clicking on its "Set up" button.

On the next page "Quickstart", select the WWW Web platform

You’re now in the Web platform settings, add and save your site’s URL on its 1st panel, and you can simply click "Next" on the rest of the panels (2nd to 5th)

Step 5: Use the left navigation bar to go to Settings > Basic and fill in some other fields such as Namespace, Privacy Policy URL, App Icon and Category. For the App purpose, you can select "Yourself or your own business". Then click on "Save changes"

Step 6: Navigate to Facebook Login > Settings, fill in the Valid OAuth Redirect URls field with our Return URL https://app.froonze.com/social_logins/facebook/callback and Save Changes

If you see a warning stating that Facebook Login will need advanced access to public_profile to be used, just go to App Review > Permissions and Features and make sure that both public_profile and email permissions have an Advanced Access, or click the button to upgrade it (you'll need to confirm with your password)

Step 7: Click on the toggle "In development" on top to publish your app live. When the next pop-up shows up, click on "Switch mode" to confirm the change

Step 8: Navigate back to Settings > Basic to copy both the App ID and the App Secret. You’ll need to re-enter the password to reveal the Secret 

To finish setting up the app copy both the ID and the Secret into our Social Login Advanced Settings and save the settings there one last time.