Twitter API key pair


Last Update vor 2 Jahren

Step 1: Log into Twitter and open Twitter Developers at, click on "Create an App", then on "Apply" to apply for a Twitter developer account

Fill in your information and continue clicking on "Next"

On the Agreement page, tick the checkbox and click on "Submit". You'll be sent a verification code by email to verify your developer account

Step 2: Once confirmed you'll be taken to the Welcome portal where you can already write down a unique name for your app, then click on "Get keys"

On the next panel you can already see the API Key, the API Key Secret and the Bearer Token. Copy and save these now as the access to them will be restricted later.

Go ahead and copy and save the API and the API Secret keys also into our Social Login Advanced Settings

Back on Twitter, continue configuring the app by clicking on "Skip to Dashboard". If Twitter asks you if you already saved your keys and tokens, click on "Yes I saved them" (you did, right?)

Step 3: You're now on the Developer Portal Dashboard, click on "Skip tour" for now

On the left navigation bar click on Projects & Apps and select your app from the dropdown below, under Project. Then click on the "Edit" button next to Settings > App details

You can add your logo and an optional description here, then click on "Save"

Back on the project panel, scroll down to User Authentication Settings and click on its "Set Up" button

Finish the set up this way:

You may be presented now with the OAuth 2.0 Client ID and Client Secret, that you can copy apart but you don't need to save into our Social Login settings (since we already saved the API and the API Secret keys in the previous step). Just go ahead and check everything's working properly.

If you missed saving your keys you'll need to generate new ones in Project > Keys and tokens