Multi-currency support in Loyalty

Automatic conversion of Market currencies


Last Update 2 months ago

Great news! Our Loyalty Program now automatically converts all amounts to your customers' preferred currency as long as you use Shopify Markets

No need to adjust settings. This feature works seamlessly but you can still customize the format of the converted amount in our Translation settings if you'd like.

By default, converted Market currencies (which will be any other than the base currency) will show both the original and the converted values. E.g.: €1,30 ($1.47)

The Translation settings let you adjust or remove the variables and customize the text around them:

  • {original_value} (This represents the original amount in the base currency)
  • {converted_value} (This represents the converted amount in the Market currency)

More about Shopify Markets multi-currency

With Shopify Markets, merchants can display prices in their customers' local currency, making it easier for them to buy.

Think of it as a built-in currency converter: You set your base store currency (like USD or EUR), but customers see prices in their preferred currency. When they checkout, the amount is automatically converted to your base currency for your records.