Referrals Program: Overview and Setup

Improve you organic growth one referral at a time


Last Update 4 maanden geleden

Our Referrals Program will allow existing customers to refer their friends and family to your shop and earn a reward when they make their first purchase. The referred friend will also get a discount for this first purchase.

A Referrals Program offers a cost-effective way to reach new customers without relying solely on paid advertising. It will only give rewards for successful referrals, incentivizing your customers to bring in new high-quality leads who are already pre-sold on your brand and will complete a purchase.

Setting up the Referrals Program

The Referrals Program is included in our Loyalty Program subscription plugin, and available in the Advanced Plan and above.

After you have subscribed the plan, you can set up the program in just a few minutes:

  • Navigate to our Loyalty Program > Referrals settings
  • Set up the referrer's reward: you can choose to reward the referrer either with loyalty points (that will be added to his/her current loyalty balance) or with a coupon for an amount, or percentage, or free shipping discount.
  • Set up the friend's reward: the friend will be rewarded with a coupon that can only by applied to a first purchase. You can choose this coupon to be either for an amount, or percentage, or free shipping discount.
  • You can also set up additional options along the order discounts, like minimum order amounts, expiration, combinations with other types of discounts.
  • Finally, make sure the Program is enabled with the toggle on top, and click Save

How does it work for your customers?

Existing customers will be able to see their referral links in their account dashboards, copy and share it with friends.

When their friends use this link to access the site, they will be prompted to enter their email addresses to create a coupon for their first purchase. The referral coupon is exclusive to new customers, it is limited to one per account, and it is specific to this account (email address). This means that for the discount to be applied, the friend needs to checkout with the same email address. And the referrer will only receive the reward once the friend's order has been completed and fulfilled.

All activity regarding referrals can be overviewed in the Activity panel as well as in the Admin Settings activity panel. Ongoing and past referrals can have three status:

  • Complete: if the referral was successfully completed
  • Pending: if the friend's purchase hasn't been completed or fulfilled yet
  • Cancelled: if the referrer's account was deleted or excluded by an admin action, or if the Referrals Program was cancelled during ongoing referrals