Shopify Flow Integration - Loyalty

Create Shopify Workflows to add or remove Loyalty points to your customers


Last Update há 8 meses

Shopify recently made Flow available in any paid Shopify plan. It's an excellent tool for businesses of all sizes that allows to automatize tasks without any coding required.

Our Loyalty Program now features a new integration with Shopify Flow, so you can create simple or conditional workflows to reward your customers with loyalty points for a variety of actions, including new orders, customer creation, and even form submissions. You can also create spend workflows to remove loyalty points. Options are many.

To enable the integration:

  • Subscribe to any Loyalty plan that includes Integrations (500 orders and above) in the Subscriptions panel
  • Navigate to Loyalty > Integrations
  • Enable Shopify Flow integration. No additional setting is required here.

To use the new Add Loyalty Points or Remove Loyalty Points actions in Shopify Flow follow these steps:

  1. Go to Shopify Flow > Workflows
  2. Click Create a custom workflow
  3. Start the workflow by adding a Trigger element. This can be any trigger that involves a single customer, such as Customer Created, Order Created, Customer Tagged, Customer Submitted Form (if you are using our Custom Forms integration) or any other custom trigger provided by apps (like review or subscriptions apps)
  4. If you want to add conditions to the workflow, you could do it now. In the example in the picture below, the workflow starts with a Customer tags added action, which is conditioned on the names of the tags that you want to use to continue the workflow.
  5. Once you have set up all of the middle steps, click Then > Action, and select Customer Accounts Concierge > Add Loyalty Points to create an earning flow, or Customer Accounts Concierge > Remove Loyalty Points to create a spending flow
  6. To set up the action you need to enter different parameters: customer email variable, amount of points, name of earning rule and note to the admin. These parameters are described in more detail below.
  7.  Once you are done Save and Turn On the workflow. Back in our Loyalty Settings > Earning Rules, you can set up and enable the textual description of the new rule that the customer will see

Add/Remove Loyalty Points - Action Parameters

  • Customer email: This is the customer's email address, which is required to run the action. To find it, click on the Variables link and find the one containing the customer email. For example, if the workflow trigger regards the customer, the email variable would most probably be {{}}. If the workflow trigger regards an order, the email variable would be {{}}. If the workflow is started with an App Trigger, the email variable could also be customized, such as {{reviewerEmail}} or {{email}}. Just click on the Variables link and try to find it, it should be reasonably easy to find.
  • Points: This is the number of loyalty points that you want to award to the customer each time the workflow runs. Enter a number value for this parameter. It needs to be a positive number, if the action is Remove, the amount will be substracted
  • Earning rule name: This is the name of the loyalty earning rule that will be used to log the activity and will also be visible in the customer's panel. Use a descriptive text for this parameter.
  • Internal note: This is an optional internal note that can be logged along the activity. This note can only be seen by admins in the Activity Log in the settings. It is not required.