Shopify POS - Spending and Earning Loyalty Points

Redeem points for your customers directly in POS Terminals


Last Update sebulan yang lalu

Great news! Our Loyalty Program now lets you create spending rules for checkout on POS terminals. 

This means your staff can redeem customer loyalty points directly during a POS sale, offering instant discounts. This feature is available on the Premium plan and above. Here's how to set it up:

1. Add the Tile to Your POS Grid:

  • Log in to your POS terminal as an admin.
  • Click Add Tile then select App.
  • Find Accounts Concierge and click on it.
  • Click Add to add the tile to your grid.
  • Click Save to update the grid.

2. Create POS Spending Rules in our App

  • Go to our Settings > Loyalty > Program > Spending Rules.
  • Click Create a New Rule and choose either POS Amount Discount or POS Percentage Discount depending on your preference.
  • Set the Points Cost (number of points required for the discount) and the Discount Value (amount or percentage of discount), and Save.
  • Don't forget to Toggle On the rule to activate it.

  • From now on, during a POS sale, your staff can view a customer's loyalty point balance on the new tile. If the customer has loyalty points, they can then click on the tile to redeem discounts directly during checkout based on your pre-defined spending rules.

    Earning points during POS purchases

    Customers who make purchases in your POS store will still earn points through the existing Place an Order earning rule (in our Loyalty > Program > Earning Rules). This built-in feature is included in all our Loyalty Program plans. However, to ensure points are awarded correctly, it's required for customers to register their email address during checkout. This is because Shopify uses email addresses as the primary identifier for managing accounts (this applies to all loyalty programs, not just ours).

    For a seamless experience, we strongly recommend requiring customer email addresses during POS checkout . This ensures points are properly awarded and avoids any issues. You can easily enable this requirement by going to: Sales Channels > Point of Sale > Settings > Required Checkout Information.