Yotpo Loyalty & Rewards


Last Update há 10 meses

To integrate Yotpo's Reward Page Widget on the account page you'll need to enter its installation liquid code, which is provided by Yotpo in its settings. But please note that to enable this Rewards Page you need to be at least in the Gold Plan in Yotpo. 

To get the code, click on the link in our Settings or navigate to https://loyalty-app.yotpo.com/rewards-page-builder-widget while logged in your Shopify Admin.

You'll land on Yotpo's Rewards Module Builder. From there just hover on the Rewards Page card and click on the three points icon on its top right corner, then on Get Code, and copy the second of the codes containing the div.

You can now go back to our Settings to switch on the integration toggle and paste the code in the Page Widget Code box. Don't forget to click on Save on the top right corner to finish.

Remember that we advice increasing the width of our account widget on desktop view for an optimal display of Yotpo Loyalty & Rewards.

This integration will also allow you to push dates of birth collected by our app to Yotpo, in case you'd like to have them there for Happy Birthday campaigns or any other reason. Just enable the toggle in our Settings, click on Save again, and all dates of birth created or edited from now on in our profiles will be pushed to Yotpo.