Custom Fields - Demo Case


Last Update منذ عام واحد

For a demo case, suppose we want to create a custom registration form for a clothing store to collect some additional information regarding customers' profiles, measures and preferences. After considering the needs, we have decided that in addition to collecting the basic default information (name and email) we'd need to collect three other custom fields of data:

  • Waist size
  • Preferred fabrics
  • Gender

Let's start creating the custom fields first. We navigate to our Custom Forms > Custom Fields panel and click on Add New Custom Field:

  • To collect Waist size we are going to assume that the output will be measures in a round number of inches, so we are going to create a first custom field of type number_integer (round number) and label it Waist size

  • To collect preferred fabrics we assume that the output will be words with the different materials. We also assume that customer will be able to choose different options, so we are going to create a multi_choice and single_line_text_field custom field and label it Preferred fabrics
  • The third custom field, Gender, is already built-in the app so we don't need to create it again, just using the existing one.

We then go to our Forms panel to create a new Registration Form 

We click on Add new field to add each of the fields, the standard ones (first name, last name, email, password) and the custom fields: Gender, Waist Size, Preferred Fabrics, and style the form a bit at will.

Lastly, we need to set up those two last custom fields and their options:

  • For custom field Waist size we have decided the input that better fits our needs is a dropdown of predefined number values (round number of inches) so the customer will be able to choose one of them. We set the input as Dropdown and configure then 12 different options with values between 26 and 37. Because we want this field to be required we tick the Required checkbox too. We label the field What's your waist size in inches? so it's clearly explained to the customer

  • For custom field Preferred fabrics we know the customer must be able to select different options from a predefined set of values and we've already set up the field in the step before as a multi_choice single_line_text type, which already has an only and default input type, the one we need (multi-choice), so the customer is able to select different options and the values are collected as texts. We just need to predefine the options we want: cotton, linen, satin, leather, velvet. We label the field What are your favorite fabrics?

We can Save the form now and preview the result on site.

If you need a more detailed case enclosing all types and inputs you can check our extended demo case here.