How to access customer metafield data and segment your customers in Shopify


Last Update 10 maanden geleden

Once you start collecting either Standard, Address or Custom information with our form fields, all the information will be stored in Shopify so you can use it at will to address, analyze and segment your audience.

In the Shopify Admin > Customers dashboard, the native Export option will export all Standard and Address data from your customers in a spreadsheet, and the native Searcher can be used to search for emails, names, phones, locations, tags.

Custom data collected in metafield definitions, as well as other filters like cities, provinces, countries or email subscription status can be added, connected and configured in the Filters box above to segment the customers, which means that the new metafield definitions created to collect our custom data will be found as filters here. If you are new to this, we recommend you having a look at Shopify's documentation to get to know more about filters and segmentation.

You can also export customer metafield data along with other customer information with the help of a 3rd party application

You can also Pin the metafields in Shopify Admin > Settings > Custom Data > Customers so this information will be part of the customer information when you click on a particular customer in the Customers panel. The namespaces of the metafield definitions created in our Custom Forms plugin will be those with the pattern customer.metafields.froonze_cp_custom.yourchosenkey